Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kickstarter USB Promotion...

Hey Guys!

This email is for all the Brown Belts, Black Belts, Senseis and Masters that supported the Ryu Black musical. Below are some choices from Please write back to me via the kickstarter platform...what your top 2 choices are and with that, I will tally which flash drive is the most popular amongst the Brown and Black belts. I'll have to choice the most popular vote amongst all your votes..

Here are the choices ;-)




#4 USB Opener Series (now I don't promote drinking but this can come in handy ;-)

#5 Nature Series:

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ryu Black Album Delay

"Chotto omachi kudasai" is japanese for politely asking someone to "please wait for a moment"

Similar to the many artists that came before me, we have to mention, in FULL detail that the Ryu Black Musical will have a small delay in being released. The original release date of 1-11-2011 has been pushed back to 5-17-2011.

MeccaGodZilla's tour in Tokyo this past November was highly successful and he was able to shoot 3 Hi-Def videos including a video for the upcoming Ryu Black musical featuring Taiwanese dancer/choreographer Ruby Red. We flew her over to guest star in some videos with Ryu Black(MeccaGodZilla). The time he spent in Tokyo touring and getting the word out was so necessary in cross promotion, however we are genuinely sorry about the timing and delays because without fan support this truly is not even possible.
(ruby red and ryu black filming at armani exchange tokyo)

The album title "Perfect 天" is a huge responsibility to live up to because of the word "天 (Heaven)" and the idea of what Heaven really is. In order to give you the best of our best, Team Manafest has been sending ideas back and forth on different approaches to the album’s overall sound. We came to a conclusion prior to Christmas but then came Christmas and the holidays. We decided to delay the release to really make sure the sound is 1000% perfect, spark the global promotion and make sure that all of the packaging and gifts are impeccable. We realized if I rush to make this upcoming release date we might just forget some of the most important steps for making the Ryu Black Musical "Perfect"

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

peace and love
Team Manafest

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Far from Homer's Oddisee

This is my first, first time hearing of this young man... and God Lord is he a world warrior. What really caught my attention is his "Traveling Man" release... check it here

Seriously who is this Oddisee??? He is nothing short of incredible and he's hungry...and he's making great music.. God Bless you Oddisee your doing really great things musically! Very inspiring!

He is 1 of the reasons why we should still buy music instead of taking a short cut to download it...his music is worth it.. so support him below, he's got tons of albums available, click below to see the rest of the catalog

Friday, January 7, 2011

Golden Larynx - Ted Williams

Way to go!

From Homeless To Oprah Winfrey - In One Week

Ted Williams, who was discovered by a local reporter for his "golden voice", has been offered a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

By The Associated Press

NEW YORK (January 7, 2011) - A homeless man from Ohio who quickly became a celebrity thanks to his smooth announcing voice indicates it's been challenging dealing with the rush of fame.

"I wanted a nerve pill yesterday, to be honest with you," Ted Williams said Friday on CBS' "Early Show." The 53-year-old recovering addict said a psychologist talked him out of it. "She said, 'Listen, you're going to have to learn to meditate and not medicate,'" Williams said.

He became famous practically overnight after The Columbus Dispatch posted a web video of him earlier this week. Williams had found himself on the streets in Columbus after his life was ruined by substance abuse, but he says he has been sober for more than two years.

He appeared on CBS seated in the studio next to his mother, who said their reunion in New York on Thursday was the first time she'd seen her son in person in 10 years.

"I said, 'Is this my son, my little son - the prodigal son has come back home,'" said Julia Williams, of Brooklyn.

Video of their initial meeting posted by The Columbus Dispatch shows Ted Williams walking quickly toward his 90-year-old mother in a hotel. Williams says, "Hi, Mommy. Hi, Mommy," when he sees her.

She covers her face as her son approaches, and he hugs her, saying, "I feel the same way, Mommy."

"I'm home," Williams says. "I told you I was coming this year. I don't look the best, but I'm home."

At the reunion, he wore a camouflage jacket over clothes that he told his mother are all that he owns and said he just finished doing a commercial for Kraft Macaroni & Cheese that is to air Sunday during the Fight Hunger Bowl on ESPN.

Williams recorded voiceover promos Thursday for MSNBC's Lean Forward campaign, and the spots were to begin running immediately, network spokeswoman Tanya Hayre said. He was being paid for the spots, Hayre said, but she declined to say how much.

Williams also taped an appearance on the NBC late-night show hosted by comedian Jimmy Fallon, who told him his voice "is golden." Williams recounted his tale of discovery while panhandling on the streets of Columbus, joked about his fondness for "Today" host Matt Lauer and became teary-eyed when he discussed recording his first commercial for Kraft.

Williams told CBS on Friday that he's seriously considering accepting a job with the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers. They've offered him a position that could include announcing work their arena.

"I do adore the Cavs, you know - with or without LeBron," he said, referring to Cavs' former star LeBron James, who bolted last year for the Miami Heat. Williams also said working in Cleveland would put him close to his children and grandchildren in Columbus.

The week has been a whirlwind for the golden-voiced Williams, who had gotten by living in shelters and occasionally with family and friends over the past few years. Williams also has been in his share of legal trouble. He has served time in prison for theft and forgery and has been cited with numerous misdemeanors, including drug abuse.

He was most recently arrested on May 14. He pleaded guilty to a first-degree misdemeanor theft charge. In court records, his address is listed as "Streets of Columbus."

Williams has said during interviews this week that he turned to crime so he could afford his drug habit.

Upon learning of Williams' criminal history, the Cavaliers said their offer still stands.

Williams said his life began spiraling downward in 1996, when he began drinking alcohol "pretty bad." He used marijuana and cocaine and lost interest in his radio career. He wound up on the streets despite the best efforts of his children, seven daughters and two sons, who live in the Columbus area.

Below is the local Columbus Dispatch online video that got him discovered

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Metsu Ansatsuken Video Shoot (PV in Japan)

Photos from the "Metsu Ansatsuken" video featuring Ruby Red of Taiwan via Vybe 1 and Ryu Black!

Video coming very soon.. please stay tuned